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Centerburg Local Schools Issues statement regarding potential walk outs

Issued by Centerburg Local Schools Monday:

Parents – the following is a copy of an email I sent to our student body today. I encourage you to talk about it with your child. While other schools have planned walkouts and protests others have focused on being kind. #whatsyour17

If you have watched the news lately you have heard about students walking out of school in protest of many issues or to honor the 17 victims of the school shooting in Florida. This is a very emotional issue for all involved. I spoke to a few classes this morning about this issue. Many of you spoke up and I’m proud of you for doing so. Over the past few weeks I have heard and wittnessed discussions about kindness. These discussions are very important and I’m thankful to have staff and students leading them.

To build upon our recent discussions about kindness I’m sharing with you an idea I recently heard about from a colleague. Many students are not planning walkouts but rather working harder at sharing kindness. #Whatsyour17 is a movement created by students to make their schools a better place. Can you make friends with 17 kids? Smile at 17 people? Say 17 kind things? Open your heart to 17 people who may be hurting? Offer friendship to 17 people who may have none? By doing this you will make a positive change in our school and community.

Our world needs kindness more than ever before. What will you do? What’s your 17 going to be?


Mr. Gallwitz

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