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Dan Emmett Music and Arts Festival kicks off Thursday in Mount Vernon

Below is the schedule for Thursday:

Thursday August 9
“Dance to the Oldies”
All Day Arts, Crafts & Trades Show
4 pm – 9 pm WNZR Live Broadcast
First-Knox Main Stage
12:30 pm Gracie Ziegler
1:00 pm Lindsey Bond
2:00 pm Bella Ballantyne/Mariah Clark
2:30 pm Olivia Clayton
3:00 pm Ceil Leach
6:30 pm Rock This Way
8:00 pm Dan Emmett Unsung Hero Award
8:30 pm Phil Dirt & the Dozers
First-Knox Center Stage
6:00 pm Chautauqua Performances
8:00 pm Desmond Wall
First-Knox South Stage
Noon – 2 pm Youth Showcase
2 pm – 3 pm Kat’s Eye Moon
3:30—4:30 pm Life to Live
5:00 pm TaVaci
5:30 pm TaVaci Elites
6:00 pm Cheer Competition
7:30 pm Knox Idol – Semi-Finals

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