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Mount Vernon to Host Florida Girl Turned Down at Dance

Alyssa Palacios is an eight year old second grade girl from Clearwater, Florida. Palacios was planning to attend her school’s Daddy-Daughter Dance. Alyssa’s father was deported from the country when she was a baby and Alyssa and her family failed to find her a male friend to accompany her to the dance, so Alyssa’s mother was going to attend the dance with her but Eisenhower Elementary School said no.

In response to the cold shoulder, an Ohio woman, Katie McMahon, decided that Palacios and her mother needed to be part of a dance being held in Mount Vernon on February 18th at the Mount Vernon Developmental Center Ballroom. McMahon and her mother are paying for the girl to fly up to Ohio. A limo will pick up the girl after she stays in Mount Vernon and she will attend the Father-Daughter Dance with her mother. The dance is a softball fundraiser for Ohio Scarlet and Gray.

McMahon says the biggest thing she wants people to get from this story is that if you don’t have a mother or a father that’s in the picture that you should still be allowed to attend events like a father-daughter dance.

McMahon helps coordinate the dance as her daughter is on the softball team that is hosting the fundraiser.

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