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The Good Life, Feel Good Story-City’s Donation, Helps Man Take Veterans Home

40 years, Ron Elliott has been honoring his fallen brothers in arms by making sure they get home to their final resting place. Elliott has been driving from Delaware to as far off as Kentucky to bring fallen veterans home.

Elliott, who is a Vietnam veteran himself, had been driving the same 2000 Ford F150 for about two decades. It was the second vehicle that he had used for his labor of love, and it had wracked up roughly 150,000 miles before it started to die.

Elliott has been using the specially-decorated trucks to transport the remains of his brothers in arms since the 1960s. Though he is based out of New Castle County, Delaware, he says that he has offered his free services to veterans and their families in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, Washington D.C., and even Kentucky.

So when his truck started to show signs of wear and tear in August, he was worried that he would have to stop offering up his services.

Instead, community firefighters and veterans raised money to buy Elliott a lightly-used 2013 Ford F150 truck that will soon be outfitted with modifications such as a secure cover (like those sold here The modifications will hopefully help Elliott in his task of carrying the veterans’ caskets homes safely and securely. The truck is also going to be repainted to feature the names of the deceased veterans.

The truck was presented to Elliott earlier this week with the help of Mitchel Gauge, a retired Air Force veteran who led the fundraising effort.

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